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Who I Am

I am a life-long psychic and medium, currently residing in the Houston, Texas area.  I tour both in the U.S. and abroad, with schedules that include both group and individual readings. I want to thank Ontario, California and Dallas, Texas for your support and loving kindness during my last two tours.  I appreciate you all very much!

How I Read:

I am clairsentient – I am able to gather information in a variety of ways. I connect with the energy of a person, place, thing, or animal and I get impressions through any or all of the following: remote viewing (seeing pictures in my mind), having thoughts pop into my head like internal hearing, physical sensations, such as heaviness on my chest, for example, or smell. I’ve been this way since the age of seven years old. With my gifts, I help people in several different ways. To name a couple, I help the living by acting as a Medical Intuitive to discern illnesses. I help the departed by listening to their stories, acquiring their names, if they’re willing to tell me, and passing messages to their loved ones who were left behind. Both forms of work are equally rewarding. For the past six years, my work as a paranormal investigator has put me in the position of happening across many Earthbound spirits, and I have made it my mission to help them in whatever ways I can to assist them in moving on. Most of the time, they simply have a message or a story they need to share. I listen to them, and then take their messages to their loved ones, when possible, with the help of my research specialist, Trisha. I have more than 26 years of medical experience behind me, ranging from physical therapy, orthopaedic medicine, and 13 years in general surgery.

I have studied under the teachings of Edgar Cayce to understand how to better receive information from a meditative state, and spent quite a bit of time under PSI-Tech to hone my skills of remote viewing. I use my knowledge of the human body, my talents of remote viewing, and my gifts of intuition and inner-knowing to help find out what’s wrong with a person’s (or pet’s) physical body. I go over all the body systems and record the information I am shown. If I “miss” something, it’s only because I was either not shown or I was not able to connect to the energy. This does happen on occasion, and when it does, I generally will not perform the reading. Because I can perform remote viewing, I am able to travel with my own thoughts and find any issues or concerns within the physical body from a distance. Since we are all energy, and all energy is connected, it is very easy for me to locate anyone and read their energy. I have helped countless people with their health concerns by locating their physical problems and directing them to their medical doctors or specialists for help in resolving their issues. I not only see current problems, but also pick up on past traumas and injuries, which are usually shown to me so that you know I have truly made a connection with you. I am also, on occasion, shown areas of future concern.

As a Psychic, I receive impressions about people, places, animals, objects and spaces by reading their energy. Sometimes Spirit will use my body to let me feel my client’s sensations, emotions, and any other information which will help me to read an energy. If you or a loved one have health concerns that doctors have been unable to pinpoint, or if you are in need of general guidance, I can help. If you have lost a loved one, or you have a missing person you need help finding, I can help. I love what I do, and I am never shocked or surprised at the requests I receive. Believe me, my Weird-o-Meter has no limit! I have either seen it or heard it all. We all need help at one time or another, and I am someone you can trust with your deepest concerns ~ I’m easy to talk to. Why not give it a shot? I’m just a click away.

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Many heartfelt thanks to my dear friend, Nita (owner of Mirrorwaters) for her help and guidance as this site was created.

Blessings, Lorilee